Business Decision, Customers’ Retention and Loyalty;

There are times that you take a business decision, whether because you want to increase return on investment or increase customer loyalty. Yes, that could be very important for service and process improvement. But, Wait a minute, take time to evaluate your decision, work out the metrics and evaluate the impact of the decision on your business.

The most important fact is that you have to be conscious of your customers, you need to know them, (KYC), and you need to have a better understanding of why they keep doing business with you or otherwise. There is customer service and customer experience. It is believed that customer service is 100% reactive while customer experience is completely proactive, but sometimes they are the same, and sometimes they aren’t. But, to the customer, it doesn’t matter.

So, walking a mile in your customers’ shoes will tell you exactly where the experience decisions rub, and how you satisfy these moments with an adequate answer that will be beneficial to all (the business and customers) is the key to creating a better customer experience.

Let your business be 100% customer-centric, you are not just in business because you want to make money or profit but because you want to satisfy the needs and wants of people and the society at large, which in return brings profit to your business investment.

On a final note for today: Mind your customers’ interest and experience, and you will remain on top of the business ALWAYS.

Customers’ Opinion must not be cut off; they are always part of your business management. “Look beyond the lines”.

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